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About Us

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The Tosti family has been in the vending business for well over 50 Years. Umberto V. Tosti began his career in the late 1950’s. His was a traditional vending company that sold all types of snacks at a reasonable price in American made machines. He valued his clients and their customers providing them with exceptional customer service. He believed in servicing all machines on a regular basis to ensure quality and would respond to any issue or concern within 48 hours.

Upon his passing in January of 2017, Dianne and I chose to carry on the tradition and opened a vending business of our own here in North Carolina. Rather than offering traditional snacks we decided to offer healthier snack choices. We truly believe that most Americans want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat better, but have not been given the choice in our snack foods. Finally there are many healthier options available. Now our clients have the ability to choose from the hundreds of better snacks we offer.

Tosti Healthy Vending is located in Garner, North Carolina and serve clients within a 60 mile radius of our office. Just as my father did, we put our clients first and believe in providing great tasting quality products and the same level of exceptional customer service. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation we provide white glove service and will work with you on finding the ideal machine and selection of snacks for your employees or customers.

If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like for us to visit your business or facility, please fill out our form or call us directly at (603) 765-7664.


Get Your Free Machine Now!


Get Your Free Machine Now!

Our services are personalized to fit the needs of your employees and customers, giving them the products they want at a price they can afford. All of our vending machines meet ADA requirements and featuring iVend guaranteed product delivery. Our vending machines make purchasing easy as you can pay with credit card, phone, cash AND coin.

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